I am two parts family man, one part designer, a pinch of obsessive, and a dash of grit. Stir well, serve chilled.

More Than "the Mix"

I am currently the Communications & Art director for Crossroads Church where I manage its brand, marketing, and communication outlets, along with leading support staff and volunteers in effectively communicating its mission and vision. Before that, I worked at a digital marketing agency where I primarily designed and implemented websites. With the qualifications I've gained so far, I am eagerly looking for new opportunities to expand my background and knowledge within a creative agency setting.

As a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for brands and their development, I look at every experience as an opportunity to establish and affirm an authentic relationship between clients and their audiences. I'm hungry to collaborate with and be challenged by others who are as passionate about brands as I am and also excited to contribute and develop in an ever-growing community and industry.

And now, the résumé.