I am two parts family man, one part designer, a pinch of obsessive, and a dash of grit. Stir well, serve chilled.

More Than "the Mix"

I am currently a Sr. Associate Designer at Eli Lilly and Company where I help manage its brand and meet internal design requests. Prior, I was a Graphic Designer for Fishhook, Inc where I helped create visual identities, websites, promotional materials, and just about anything else a client would need to help craft their visual voice better.

As a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for brands and their development, it's my mission is to help clients establish and affirm authentic relationships with their audiences through identity and brand experience. I'm hungry to collaborate with and be challenged by others who are as passionate about brands as I am and also excited to contribute and develop in an ever-growing community and industry.

And now, the résumé.