Bright Church:
Where love shines

The Challenge

With a history that traces back over 100 years, Bright Church was in the process of opening a new Sports & Fitness Center and were doubling their efforts in being a resource to their community. They came to Fishhook looking for a fresh visual identity, one that would help them express a more welcoming, warmer, and friendly face to the community.

The Process

With their desire in mind, they wanted to think outside of typical church imagery. Their target demographics have either had poor experiences in the church world or had unsure perceptions. We wanted to help express their identity with a mark that was genuine to who they are but also had a strong visual impact and implication within the surrounding community.

The Logo & Visual Identity Standard

Figuring out the mark was an awesome challenge. I explored several different approaches, but the one that stuck out to me the most was a mark based on their bell tower shape and the angled roof lines around their building. It gave them a distinct visual character from the road, and I saw that as a way to draw a relationship between what people see everyday driving by and the logo they would see around town and at events. The simple and energetic qualities of angles and high contrast make for a mark that represents the character of the church community and adds to the excitement they have to build a stronger relationship with the people around them.

The Stationery & Paraphernalia

As always, the stationary was an opportunity to flesh out more of the brand's visual makeup. A pattern was created from the thee shapes that make up the mark in combination with their secondary colors. Additional mockups were created to show the impact the mark and message can have on everyday items.

The Signage & Wayfinding

This was my first identity project that involved signage and wayfinding and was another great opportunity to work out how their identity could be utilized in an environmental setting. While Illustrator and written copy worked for getting the ideas of signage across, it would've been great to work with a 3d designer.