Looking for illustration chops?
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  • Megaman II
  • Megaman II
Megaman II

Inspired by the 1927 film Metropolis and the title screen of the 1989 NES game Mega Man 2. This was an exercise study on the illustrative aesthetics from the Art Deco period of design.

In this piece, I worked outside of my comfort zone and heavily used gradients. This was the first time I primarily used the Mesh Tool and it gave the character excellent dimension.

  • Indy Creative Jam 2015 - EmpireStateBuilding
  • Indy Creative Jam 2015 - Big Ben
  • Indy Creative Jam 2015 - Burj Khalifa
Indy Creative Jam 2015
designed w/ 
miquel pons for Adobe Creative Jams

For this tournament, Miquel and I created a concept based on Auguste Rodin's quote "To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature."

Rather than using imagery based on literal nature, we looked at nature's second definition, and looked towards the inherent features of objects, in this case, buildings.

We chose these structures because of their unique features in contrast to each other and distilled their structure into basic shapes. Doing so reveals the similarities they share despite their age differences & structural aesthetics and also continues to show what makes them unique and recognizable.