Three parts family man, one part designer, a pinch of obsessive, and a dash of grit. Stir well, serve chilled.


I am currently a Sr. Associate Designer at Eli Lilly and Company where I help manage the Lilly Brand internally and externally. This also includes designing, updating, and supporting creative resources for internal organizations.

It's my mission to help clients establish and affirm authentic relationships with their audiences through identity and brand experiences. I thrive off of collaboration and overcoming challenges with others who are eager to make whatever they put their minds to better. If there's context to know or a new skill to develop, I'm the first to seek knowledge, understanding, and practice so I not only have answers but can share that learning with others.

As a Hoosier native, I'm always looking to develop and contribute in this ever-growing community and industry of creative solution finders.

Thank you for your time! New opportunities to partner, discover, and create are always exciting and if you're looking for someone who's at the ready to jump in, I would love to hear from you!

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