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Bright Church

With a history that traces back over 100 years, Bright Church was in the process of opening a new Sports & Fitness Center as part of doubling their efforts as a community resource. They came to Fishhook looking for a fresh visual identity – one that would help them express their welcoming, energetic, and caring heart for the community.

Bright Church - Logo - Black on White

With their goal in mind, they wanted to think outside of the box when it came t typical church imagery. Their target demographics have either had poor experiences with other churches or unsure feelings never having interacted with a church. We wanted to help express their identity with a mark that was genuine to who they were but also had a strong visual impact.

The idea that stood out amongst the others was a mark based on their bell tower shape and their building's angled roof lines that gave them a distinct visual character from the road. This direction was a perfect way to draw a relationship between what commuters saw every day driving by and the logo they would see around town at events.

The simple and energetic qualities made for a mark that represented everything they wanted to be in the community.

Bright Church - Colors and Type

The logo was designed to always be displayed in high contrast in a similar style to Nike and other simple bold brands. This makes it fun to wear without feeling like you're sporting a "Christian brand," and also creates an opportunity for conversation.

The pattern was created from the three shapes that make up the mark backed with an offset style "print" utilizing secondary colors.

These elements are not only seen through stationery and swag but also signage and wayfinding.

Bright Church - T-Shirt
Bright Church - Stationery
Bright Church - Monument Sign and Parking Lot Wayfinding
Bright Church - Door and Entrance Signage
Bright Church - Interior Wayfinding and Signage
Bright Church - Environmental Art Area Identification
Bright Church - Environmental Art Area Wayfinding 01
Bright Church - Environmental Art Area Wayfinding 02

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