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Coming into Crossroads as its Communications & Art Director, I took the time to understand the many facets of the organization and helped to revision the church's brand and strategies as well as outlining the phases to bring it all to life.

Cossroads Church - Values 01
Cossroads Church - Values 02

The church had many iterations of values over the years for how it wanted to live and serve in the community. While all were well-intentioned, there was fragmentation and confusion. Its most recent values were four single words with no clear reason of importance. Sitting down with core leaders I helped solidify key statements that brought a "why" to those values and directed actions in living and serving the community.

Along with the many iterations of values, there was also a variety of logo iterations in a myriad of applications that made the need for a fresh and tighter standard apparent. With a rebranding proposal prepared, I shared a logical progression towards the larger vision leadership had. Capitalizing on opportunities, it would greater cement brand awareness in the local community, allow it to stand out amongst surrounding churches, and provide some flexibility amongst the sub-brand ministries.

With a flux of changes occurring prior to a full rollout, this visual identity refresh was Phase 1 in laying down a new foundation for the brand. Stripping away a mix of color variations and type, this cleaner approach made it easy and flexible to adapt to various communication assets while still keeping pace with current events and ministry opportunities.

Crossroads Church - Visual Identity
Crossroads Church - Stationery
Crossroads Church - Business & Invite Cards

The highlight in this stationery is the standard invite and personal business cards. The goal was to have a consistent informative element on either card that communicated the heart and values of the church. This way no matter what card you received, you not only have the name of the church but what its members represented.

The previous website had very little information and lacked the flexibility needed to be a proper "welcome mat." I designed (and developed) this new website to have clear navigation and call-to-actions for both newcomers and current attendees. I also designed it modularly so that it was quickly adaptable for change while still being responsive.

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