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Greenville Community Church

GCC was preparing to launch a new mission and vision focusing on their surrounding community rather than a complex set of programs few knew about. With the desire to realign, they were looking for a simple identity that communicated fresh life.

Greenville Community Church - Visual Identity

With their desire to have a simple identity, they also wanted something that was contemporary and didn't necessarily communicate "church." After running into a couple of dead ends in relevant research I started to explore the problem abstractly and with the GCC initials.

The monogram is formed by one continuous line. The outward-facing portion of the line creates the G letterform and as the line continues inward it creates the two Cs. While it's not necessarily expected for most to see the other two letterforms, the combination creates a strong image. And while the form itself feels solid, the negative space in the image keeps it from feeling too visually heavy.

A few years later GCC came back to me asking for a sub-brand for their kids' ministry. The challenge was that it not only needed to be a clear and consistent extension of the existing brand but could also differentiate itself enough through the various events it would be leading. It also needed to be a clear visual separation so parents knew when they were reading information related to their kids and not just another piece from GCC.

So I came up with a way to still utilize the mark while giving an amount of kid like play to the image. An additional headline typeface was chosen for kids' content and a both complimenting and contrasting color palette was created to make kids material standout while still living in harmony with the main brand.

Greenville Community Church - Kids' Visual Identity

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