A collection of various illustrations showing a breadth of style and adaptability.

Portfolio - The Great Outdoors

A simple illustration made up of several icons designed for a past client project. These icons ended up not being used due to a new direction the client wanted to take in their narrative, but I'm still pretty proud of these.

Icons illustrated with a more detailed character. These icons were intended to appear more like rough sketches on a menu than simplistic icons. While rough looking, they still maintained consistency in the areas of a varied line-weight and a hashing to represent curves.

Indy Creative Jam 2015 - 01 - Empire State Building
Indy Creative Jam 2015 - 02 - Big Ben
Indy Creative Jam 2015 - 03 - Burj Khalifa

Icons representing various areas of law practice. There was a challenge in maintaining a certain balance between the detail needed in some icons and the simplicity needed as a whole while also maintaining a consistent line weight. 

Law Practice Icons
Megaman II

Inspired by the 1927 film Metropolis and the title screen of the 1989 NES game Mega Man 2. This was an exercise study on illustrative qualities from the Art Deco period.

In this piece, I worked outside of my comfort zone and heavily used gradients. This was the first time I primarily used the Mesh Tool and it gave the character an excellent sense of depth.

More Projects

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