Seven Guitar Co. - Seal on Guitar

Visual Identity

Seven Guitar Co.

A custom guitar startup, this brief started with the idea of using the seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet (Zayin) with an Art Deco aesthetic and needed to be visually relevant to the musician clientele. Partnering with Seven was an exciting challenge and opportunity to learn about and contribute to the music industry.

Seven Guitar Co. - Logo

As a company that takes pride in its art and craftsmanship, Seven needed a logo and visual identity that represented a perfect marriage of form and function as its hallmark. Every detail needed to be deeply intentional.

Through research and multiple concepts, the concept that rose to the surface was one of the Zayin letter distilled to its most essential elements through the lens of Art Deco's geometry.

With France's national motto included – "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" – the seal represents the lifetime guarantee of the guitar and a bond between Seven and the proud owner. Every person who purchases a Seven guitar is considered a partner and member of the Seven Family.

This seal is intended to be found on each guitar, the warranty, business transaction documents, and anywhere else the quality and promise of Seven Guitar Co. should be expressed.

Inspired by formal 1930s stationery, the logo's size is dramatically large and cropped. This makes for a unique identity presentation and allows for more play through additional brand assets. It's the perfect combination of Art Deco and contemporary aesthetics.

Seven Guitar Co. - Seal
Seven Guitar Co. - Stationery
Seven Guitar Co. - Warranty Card
Seven Guitar Co. - T-Shirt

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