Watercard Challenge - Logo, Debit Card, and App Mockup
Watercard Challenge - Logo Lockup - Reverse

Project Type: Concept
My role: Brand Identity, Card Design

As a part of Dann Petty's Design Mentorship program, I partnered with nine other designers to create a brand identity, website, and app design for Dann's Watercard Challenge. Starting with the identity, the brand team and I created moodboards, identity options, and refined this final solution. 

The logo mark is based on the iconic form of a waterdroplet and it being partially filled is a representation of the percentage that is donated from each purchase. The energy of the wave and the droplet filling is also representative of what the user is doing for others by donating.

Watercard Challenge - Brand Identity Guidelines -Spread

Brand Design Team: Jeremiah Ragsdale, Danielle McCray, Nick Wright

Watercard Challenge - Debit Card - Simple
Watercard Challenge - Debit Card - Illustration